How to heat you home

There are numerous questions based around heating your household effectively when I’m out and about on the job. It’s something people with less experience may find some confusion in. And rightly so, the difficulty with warming up a space is it often escapes very quickly, thanks to poorly insulated walls, ceilings and floors. And the result is often a waste of energy and money. So the first piece of advice I would give to my readers, that isn’t always adhered to, is ensure you spend some time and money on insulating rooms. Especially those that you feel are the main culprits. This could be something like the attic, or bathroom. Only then, you can expect great results from a space heater.

Once that has been done, there are plenty of options you can go for depending on the size, shape,and type of room you’re dealing with. For example, in a bathroom environment, you may want to consider something portable, and at the very least compact. Or, in a larger than average room, you may want something with more power such as a wood stove.

Much like a outdoor furnace, wood burning stoves effectively and efficiently heat up large areas in the house with ease. They quite often have a lot more power than their electronic counterparts, and can certainly hold their own against many of its competition in the industry.

This is a good starting point for warming up a mid sized room. To help you decide have a look at various wood stove ratings online, most of the time you can find comprehensive reviews and buying guides to help you understand what wood furnace may be right for you.

If refueling every now and then is going to present a problem for you, you may wish to consider something electronic, but I have always favored off the grid style heating, providing it’s an efficient model that doesn’t cause too much harm to the environment. So far that’s served me well across multiple rooms.

Gardening is my latest hobby

Never before did I ever consider that gardening in my back yard could be so peaceful and stress relieving. That goes without saying that there are plenty of other perks that come with that, namely a beautiful, tidy garden with well trimmed hedges, a great green lawn, and some wonderful flowerbeds.

Having worked inside for so long, I’ve took my eye off the ball when it comes to the outside up until recently. And even then, that wasn’t clear until a friend mentioned how overgrown the yard looks. This was really the kick up the backside I needed to take my builders gloves off, and put my gardening gloves on in order to preserve what’s left of the shrubbery, bushes, and plant life.

I started the trimming and pruning jobs a couple of weeks ago and it’s gotten to the stage where all the hedgerows along the fencing and trees are well cut and kept. I have my trusty pole saw to thank for that. Initially, I was making do with a old style saw and a lot of elbow grease, but that was taking its toll on my body, especially my back and shoulders. So, I decided to look online for tools, which in turn, helped me find pole saw ratings and feedback on various models and what their functionality and power are. The buying guides were ever so useful and they have certainly made the trimming of the branches on the trees a much more simpler task.

Of course, I haven’t stopped there. I have laid some new grass seeds that will hopefully brings out a much greener color in the summer once I have treated and cared for each blade of grass.

I am also looking to install a nice little fish pond in the front yard with a hand made waterfall. But that will be something further down the line. For now, I’m using the tools at my disposal to ensure everything is well presented, and it’s certainly beginning to look the part in my books.

The only downside of maintaining the garden is that you need to have consistency, or everything will just return to its previous state. I’m not quite sure if i’ll be doing this every spring or summer, but i’m certainly considering hiring a gardener with some experience that will handle that for me so I can concentrate on my home improvement tasks.

Replacing the toilet and shower in the bathroom

This is something I have been putting of doing for quite some time. Not just because of the amount of resources and funds it’s going to consume, but because of the mammoth task at hand. Undoubtedly, installing the new toilet and other bathroom fixtures is going to be taking up the majority of my time in the coming days. This is how I’m planning it all out, well, at least some of it:

  • Day one – Tear up the old poorly designed tiles, prep and clean floor ready for underfloor heating installation and tiles.
  • Day two – Remove old ugly wallpaper ready for a half tile half paint look. It will be light blue tiles at the bottom half, cream paint at the top. Kind of like an ocean theme.
  • Day three – Sort out electrics, ensure there is rooms for the heater in the top corner.
  • Day four – Painting the bathroom wall and ceiling a nice cream color.
  • Day five – second coat of paint.
  • Day six –  Lay down tiles on both the floor and the wall.
  • Day seven – rest and family time.

That’s effectively the first week planned and it will certainly keep me busy. There is a lot more that needs to be done after those early stages, such as installing a toilet, getting rid of the old shower, and fitting the new faucets on the sink.

I mean, the time taken alone to research into some of the best toilets has been remarkable. I only recently decided to get an American standard one with the help of some toilet ratings online and making use of some helpful consumer feedback. Without both, I think I would still be completely lost. The amount of variety in that industry makes finding a good fit almost impossible for someone new to plumbing, let alone someone with a bit of experience like myself. Thankfully I have settled on one, and it’s actually already delivered and waiting to replace the old toilet currently sitting in the bathroom.

The shower is another story all together. Currently we have a bath/shower combo. However, because of the lack of space, we want to rip the bathtub out and install a walk in shower, which, on the whole, is going to be a lot more convenient for us.