Gardening is my latest hobby

Never before did I ever consider that gardening in my back yard could be so peaceful and stress relieving. That goes without saying that there are plenty of other perks that come with that, namely a beautiful, tidy garden with well trimmed hedges, a great green lawn, and some wonderful flowerbeds.

Having worked inside for so long, I’ve took my eye off the ball when it comes to the outside up until recently. And even then, that wasn’t clear until a friend mentioned how overgrown the yard looks. This was really the kick up the backside I needed to take my builders gloves off, and put my gardening gloves on in order to preserve what’s left of the shrubbery, bushes, and plant life.

I started the trimming and pruning jobs a couple of weeks ago and it’s gotten to the stage where all the hedgerows along the fencing and trees are well cut and kept. I have my trusty pole saw to thank for that. Initially, I was making do with a old style saw and a lot of elbow grease, but that was taking its toll on my body, especially my back and shoulders. So, I decided to look online for tools, which in turn, helped me find pole saw ratings and feedback on various models and what their functionality and power are. The buying guides were ever so useful and they have certainly made the trimming of the branches on the trees a much more simpler task.

Of course, I haven’t stopped there. I have laid some new grass seeds that will hopefully brings out a much greener color in the summer once I have treated and cared for each blade of grass.

I am also looking to install a nice little fish pond in the front yard with a hand made waterfall. But that will be something further down the line. For now, I’m using the tools at my disposal to ensure everything is well presented, and it’s certainly beginning to look the part in my books.

The only downside of maintaining the garden is that you need to have consistency, or everything will just return to its previous state. I’m not quite sure if i’ll be doing this every spring or summer, but i’m certainly considering hiring a gardener with some experience that will handle that for me so I can concentrate on my home improvement tasks.