Replacing the toilet and shower in the bathroom

This is something I have been putting of doing for quite some time. Not just because of the amount of resources and funds it’s going to consume, but because of the mammoth task at hand. Undoubtedly, installing the new toilet and other bathroom fixtures¬†is going to be taking up the majority of my time in the coming days. This is how I’m planning it all out, well, at least some of it:

  • Day one – Tear up the old poorly designed tiles, prep and clean floor ready for underfloor heating installation and tiles.
  • Day two – Remove old ugly wallpaper ready for a half tile half paint look. It will be light blue tiles at the bottom half, cream paint at the top. Kind of like an ocean theme.
  • Day three – Sort out electrics, ensure there is rooms for the heater in the top corner.
  • Day four – Painting the bathroom wall and ceiling a nice cream color.
  • Day five – second coat of paint.
  • Day six – ¬†Lay down tiles on both the floor and the wall.
  • Day seven – rest and family time.

That’s effectively the first week planned and it will certainly keep me busy. There is a lot more that needs to be done after those early stages, such as installing a toilet, getting rid of the old shower, and fitting the new faucets on the sink.

I mean, the time taken alone to research into some of the best toilets has been remarkable. I only recently decided to get an American standard one with the help of some toilet ratings online and making use of some helpful consumer feedback. Without both, I think I would still be completely lost. The amount of variety in that industry makes finding a good fit almost impossible for someone new to plumbing, let alone someone with a bit of experience like myself. Thankfully I have settled on one, and it’s actually already delivered and waiting to replace the old toilet currently sitting in the bathroom.

The shower is another story all together. Currently we have a bath/shower combo. However, because of the lack of space, we want to rip the bathtub out and install a walk in shower, which, on the whole, is going to be a lot more convenient for us.